Terms of service


This document sets out the terms and conditions (“Terms”) on which 21 Markets B.V., doing business as CSRD Academy, with company number 59575417 and offices at Haarlemmerplein 2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (“Impact Institute”) will provide educational, coaching and training services (“Service(s)”) to its participants, clients, etc. (“Participant(s)”).


Article 1. Applicability, Agreements, Offers

  1. These Terms apply to all Impact Institute’s Services, and offers and agreements (“Agreements”) between Impact Institute and a Participant pertaining to education and training services.
  2. An Agreement is concluded when a Participant enrolls for the Services through the CSRD Academy website for the Service. If the Agreements pertains to “in-company Services” to be provided by Impact Institute at Participant’s company or venue, additional terms may apply.
  3. All offers on the CSRD Academy website for the Service are subject to availability and may be changed or withdrawn without notice by Impact Institute.
  4. Even if an Agreement is confirmed to Participant, Impact Institute may cancel an Agreement within one week after confirmation, if at the time of aforementioned confirmation, the Service was already fully booked or if an insufficient number of Participants has enrolled for a Service. In case of cancellations any amounts already paid by Participant to Impact Institute will be fully refunded (within 40 days).
  5. Impact Institute reserves the right to refuse a Participant’s enrollment without giving reasons.
  6. The applicability of any of Participant’s general terms and conditions is hereby explicitly excluded.
  7. Where the stipulations of these Terms contradict the Agreement, the Agreement prevails.
  8. Deviations from the Agreement and/or these Terms must be made in writing in order to be valid (e-mail suffices).


Article 2. Services

  1. The Services, and the contents, duration, venue and schedule/dates are specified for each separate Service on the CSRD Academy website. These specifications are part of the Agreement.
  2. Impact Institute may make use of third party service providers (e.g. instructors) and may substitute its instructors at its own discretion, without giving prior notice to Participant.
  3. Impact Institute may set conditions/requirements for enrollment for certain Services and/or Impact Institute may require Participants to successfully complete other Services first, e.g. participation in a basic Service is required before a Participant may participate in an advanced Service.
  4. All Services are provided to the best of Impact Institute’s ability, but explicitly comprise a best effort obligation. Impact Institute does not warrant the usefulness, correctness or completeness of the Service, nor that the Participant may acquire or obtain certain abilities, knowledge or benefits from the Services.
  5. Participant shall only be granted access to the Service and venue if the invoice has been paid.


Article 3. Right of withdrawal, Participant substitution, cancellation and refund policy

  1. The Participant who is a consumer (a natural person acting outside the scope of an economic activity, including an employee who’s employer pays for the Service) may withdraw from an Agreement within 14 days after Impact Institute has confirmed enrollment to Participant, without giving reasons and without any penalty. Withdrawals must be directed at education@impactinstitute.com. Impact Institute shall issue a full refund within 40 days after valid withdrawal. The right of withdrawal does not apply to non-consumers.
  2. Aforementioned right of withdrawal lapses if the Service starts within that 14day period, from the moment the Service starts. Otherwise a Participant would be able to participate in (part of) the Service for free by withdrawing afterwards.
  3. If a Participant is not able to attend the Service, Participant substitution is allowed, provided that (i) the (original) Participant provides Impact Institute with prior e-mail notice of substitution, including the substituted Participant’s details, and (ii) the substituted Participant meets the requirements set by Impact Institute in accordance with art. 2.3 (if any). However, resale of enrollment is strictly prohibited and results in denial of access to the Service.
  4. Without prejudice to Participant’s right of withdrawal specified in art. 3.1, the following cancellation policy applies. Cancellations must be sent by e-mail to education@impactinstitute.com.
    1. If cancelled by Participant up to 45 days prior to the start of the Service, Impact Institute shall refund 100% of the price paid by Participant (within 40 days).
    2. If cancelled by Participant between 45-15 days prior to the start of the Service, Impact Institute shall refund 20% of the price paid by Participant (within 40 days).
    3. If cancelled by Participant at a later moment (or in case of a no-show), Impact Institute shall not issue a refund.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, (i) the “start of the Service” means: the day the first part of the Service is scheduled and (ii) the cancellation policy set out in art. 3.4 does not apply to “in-company Services”.
  6. Interim termination without cause or without reasons is excluded.


Article 4. Changes in Services, schedule, venue, and cancellation by Impact Institute

  1. Impact Institute may cancel the Services. If so canceled by Impact Institute, Impact Institute shall issue a full refund (within 40 days) to Participant (but Impact Institute is not liable for any (further) damages against Participant).
  2. Impact Institute may change the Services’ venue and schedule/dates at any moment and without giving reasons. If so changed by Impact Institute, Impact Institute shall issue a full refund to Participant if Participant can’t be reasonably expected to accept the changes (but Impact Institute is not liable for any (further) damages against Participant).


Article 5. Prices and payment

  1. All prices and costs of the Services are in Euro’s, exclusive of VAT and inclusive of study materials, unless indicated otherwise. Travel and accommodation costs are at Participant’s own expense.
  2. Prices for “in-company Services” are exclusive of travel and accommodation costs, charged to Participant at actual costs made by Impact Institute.
  3. Impact Institute shall invoice Participant for the full price after enrollment. Invoices to be paid within 7 days after date of invoice, by bank transfer only. Payment is due whether Participant has participated in the Service or not.


Article 6. General, intellectual property, complaints

  1. All rights of intellectual property on the Services, its contents, information, data, materials, methodologies, software, audio/visual materials (collectively “Information”), are and remain the sole and exclusive property of Impact Institute. Participant shall not publish, reproduce, copy, make available or in any other way exploit the Information and keep the Information strictly confidential. Participants shall not record any Services nor make any (other) audio/visual reproductions (e.g. photos) of the Service and the Information.
  2. Study materials bought by Participants shall be the property of Participants.
  3. Participant may direct any complaints he might have on the Service, the instructors or Impact Institute to complaints@impactinstitute.com. Complaints shall be treated confidentially and be handled by Impact Institute’s upper management (“UP”). UP shall decide within 14 days. Participant shall be informed per e-mail of UP’s decision.
  4. The Agreement is subject to Dutch law. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the Agreement shall be solely submitted to the court of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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