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About this course

CSRD IN ONE DAY is a full-day event during which professionals with a background in finance, risk, reporting, legal and sustainability get a basic understanding of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. CSRD IN ONE DAY includes cases, course reading material, CSRD templates, and assignments.

NEW: We also offer CSRD IN ONE DAY in-company and in a private classroom, available from ten participants upwards. Upon request and for additional costs, we can also adjust or add modules. Costs exclude travel-time and the date can be agreed upon in alignment. 

Who is this course for?

  • CSRD IN ONE DAY is suitable for finance and control experts, analysts, auditors, executives, reporting and sustainability experts and non-executive board members. 
  • Professionals who want to start CSRD preparation in their company and know what the first steps should be.
  • Professionals who want to go beyond reporting and learn how to apply integrated thinking to impact measurement and management

Course dates and location

This course is offered in a variety of formats. This is a monthly in-person education event, taking place at the Impact District, located at Haarlemmerplein 2. Please select your preferred date for the monthly event. 

Format and further information

  • This is an in-person live learning experience consisting of 7 modules.
  • The education event takes 1 business day, from 9:00 - 18:00 (with coffee-breaks and a lunch break)
  • You gain free access to our CSRD Community
  • We are working on a programme to enable certification as a result of following this course. 

Join this program and learn how to

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to start the CSRD preparation in the organisation.
  • Identify the key steps for complying with the CSRD requirements.
  • Make a gap analysis and set the targets in accordance with the CSRD requirements.
  • Assess double materiality in accordance with the CSRD requirements. 
  • Make a personalised CSRD action plan to start the first CSRD project in your organisation. 

    Overview of modules

    1. Demystifying CSRD & all ESRS's
    2. CSRD gap analysis  
    3. Double materiality assessment  
    4. Biodiversity and ecosystems (ESRS E4): policies, targets and KPIs  
    5. Workers in the value chain (ESRS S2): policies, targets and KPIs 
    6. Action plan (i. organisation and governance; ii. data and assurance; iii. HR/ team)
    7. Future CSRD learning journey


    The default language of the course is English. However, if there are no non-Dutch speakers, we switch to Dutch. Lesson material in Dutch or other languages are available upon request - please indicate this in the text form with your order.