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About this course

CSRD IN ONE DAY is a training program crafted for advisors that aim to guide their clients through the complexities of sustainability reporting and compliance. This course is essential for professionals from financial, risk, ESG, and legal backgrounds to deepen their understanding of the EU's European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS), learn how to operationalize it in a business context and become better equipped with the knowledge necessary for working with their clients. 

Who is this course for?

The course is specifically beneficial for advisors who: 

  • Serve as strategic advisors to finance and control experts, analysts, auditors, executives, and board members. 
  • Seek to establish themselves as knowledgeable partners in the CSRD journey for their clients.
  • Aim to add value to their consulting services by integrating CSRD insights into their practice. 

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Course dates and location

This course is offered in a variety of formats. This is a monthly in-person education event, taking place at the Impact District, located at Van Diemenstraat 206 - 380 1013 CP Amsterdam (Westerdok). Please select your preferred date for the monthly event. 

Format and further information

  • This is an in-person live learning experience accompanied by e-learning components. 
  • The education event takes 1 business day, from 9:00 - 18:00 (with coffee-breaks and a lunch break).
  • We facilitate networking between participants at the end of the event.

Join this program and learn how to

  • Gain a competitive edge by mastering a comprehensive understanding of CSRD, setting them apart in the consulting field. 
  • Translate the complexities of ESRS into strategic advice that can shape your clients' sustainability narratives and reporting processes. 
  • Develop a toolkit of resources and methodologies for assisting clients in implementing CSRD requirements, making them indispensable advisors in the field. 
  • Acquire the skills to facilitate effective gap analysis, helping clients prioritize actions and set achievable targets in line with ESRS. 
  • Enhance your capacity to guide clients through the stages of double materiality assessment, ensuring robust and compliant sustainability reporting. 

    Overview of modules

    1. Unfolding CSRD
    2. ESRS Project Management 
    3. CSRD Requirements
    4. CSRD Materiality Assessment  
    5. Environmental ESRS with a deep-dive on Biodiversity and ecosystems (ESRS E4)
    6. Social ESRS, with a deep-dive into Workers in the value chain (ESRS S2)
    7. Action plan & ESRS gap analysis  
    8. Governance ESRS G1 (self-paced on our educational platform)
    9. Data management (self-paced on our educational platform)


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