About us


CSRD ACADEMY was started by Impact Institute to empower businesses and professionals to comply with the EU CSRD and address the current sustainability challenges.

Why now?

Between 2024 and 2030 onwards up to 50.000 companies need to report on CSRD. Now is the time to educate yourself on basic and advanced CSRD requirements, methods and applications. You can comply, grow impact and ultimately save costs on external advisors.

Why us?

The CSRD ACADEMY employs leading experts in sustainability, finance, education and compliance. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and operate worldwide. We are part of Impact Institute, the world's leading provider of advice, data, software and education on impact measurement and governance. Have a look at our team here. And visit the site of Impact Institute here.

Our unique selling points

  • Impact. We use the unique IWAF framework that we developed with Harvard Business School and the Impact Economy Foundation as our framework to move beyond short term compliance and focus on making impact an integral part of businesses and financial institutions. Our teachers are the world’s leading impact data and finance experts.
  • Practical. We offer a standardised approach to our education that enables people to become practically oriented CSRD professionals.
  • Certification. We are working on offering examination, registration and certification as a result of following our CSRD course.

Our instructors are experts and practitioners, including

Michel Scholte

Cofounder & Executive Impact Institute

Senior Teacher

Michel Scholte is Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Committee of the Impact Institute. He is a social entrepreneur dedicated to a more equitable economy. Michel is also the co-founder and executive director of True Price. He holds a variety of advisory board positions and is an alumnus of the Shapers Network of the World Economic Forum and a member of Worldconnectors. He holds an MSc degree in Sociology from the VU University Amsterdam, with a specialization in research methods, politics and living wages. Michel is a frequently asked public speaker and opinionist in the field of impact measurement and valuation.

Dr. Reiner de Adelhart Toorop

Head of Research

Senior teacher

Reinier de Adelhart Toorop. Reinier
is Head of Research and he leads the development of new impact methodology. Reinier is proud to have published a review article on True Cost Accounting in Nature Food. Previously he was Research Associate at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Reinier holds a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from Leiden University. He was a world champion in debating (English-as-a-second-language) and a silver medalist at the International Biology Olympiad.

Antoniya Grozdanova

Student Success Coach


Antoniya Grozdanova is a Student Success Coach. She holds an MSc in Sustainable Entrepreneurship from Groningen University and previously obtained her BBA in International Business and Languages. Prior to her masters, she worked as a Marketing Manager at Bosch Security Systems.

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